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Getting through lockdown emotions – it is okay not to be okay.

Getting through lockdown emotions – it is okay not to be okay.

The lockdown was extended until March 7 and will be likely extended further until April or May. With its extended restrictions, it is the toughest lockdown so far. While the same time last year we felt hope, everything would be over by summer, now two pandemics are on the rise: COVID and mental health.

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How do you feel?

  • Great? How do you do that?
  • Awful? What is your biggest pain?

Lockdown-emotions: what is there to do?

Now, while reflecting on how we feel drained and exhausted after more than a year of restrictions, we should realise that others struggle too with anger, frustration and sadness. This shift of perspective helps to validate our feelings. We are not alone in feeling not okay, and it is okay not to feel okay

Lockdown-emotions – speak out

It is natural to feel down. Stress is not always just one single overwhelming event but can be cumulative as well. Clear communication is needed instead of bits and bits on all channels: government and individuals likewise keep breeding anxiety this way, knowingly or not. Drip feeding information erodes any certainty we can hold on to.

We need to keep going is hope, which is destroyed by constant panic communication from government officials and media. Even if we disagree with COVID politics and focus on its impact on our lives and society, we keep echoing the same negative discourse and increasing fear instead of strengthening hope.

Lockdown-emotions – growing hope

  • Staying connected
    • A sense of community from supporting each other
    • Relationships: family, friends, co-workers, real and virtual
  • Trying to focus on what is controllable, not vaccine rollout, school opening and the like – realistically going on day by day
    • Enough Sleep
    • Exercise despite the weather
    • Who can I talk to?
    • Who can I meet?

We can, and we will get through with small, achievable goals.

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