Self-reflection. Communication. Mental Health. Social critique.

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Escaping Toxic Ties

The book is a warm-hearted guide for all who want to break out of unhealthy patterns.

It sheds light on why we get into toxic relationships, what the consequences are and what patterns are causative.

The book covers all types of toxic relationships from A to Z: toxic couples, families, friendships to work and the online world.

It helps readers develop a new identity and a better future in healthy relationships.

Who are these books for?

These books are aimed at open-minded readers who have a deep interest in human thoughts, feelings and behaviour. They are willing to question themselves, improve their communication skills and look for ways to strengthen their mental health.

These readers appreciate books that inspire, encourage and provide them with practical tools to better understand themselves and initiate personal change. They are also open to socially critical approaches and look critically at the world around them in order to make a positive impact on society.

This target group is looking for sound, well-researched and accessible books that offer them new perspectives and insights.

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LISTEN, THINK, THEN TALK – the practical workbook for understanding in a world where rhetoric and expressiveness are often at the forefront. Instead of just expressing our opinion and convincing others, we focus on listening as the way to understanding and effective communication.

Whether you want to strengthen your interpersonal relationships, advance in your career or simply become a better communicator: LISTEN, THINK, THEN TALK provides you with the tools and insights you need to achieve these goals.
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TOXIC GUILT AND SHAME – the workbook for your ever-present struggle with feelings that poison your life. 

It guides you through a series of self-reflection exercises to help you manage the complexity of toxic feelings of guilt and shame stemming from childhood trauma.

Whether you want to free yourself from past trauma, strengthen your emotional well-being or nurture healthier relationships, this workbook provides the guidance and tools you need to embark on your journey of personal growth.


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