My approach

While considering the latest modern medicine developments, I mainly use methods and exercises from psychodynamic psychotherapy, rational-emotive cognitive behaviour therapy, and narrative therapy.

For example, therapy concerns personality disorders, fears, depression, phobias, compulsions, panic disorders, and sexuality. I want to give space to develop human qualities such as compassion, joy, and happiness.

The starting point for the respective work and insights will be the “here and now” because current problems are determined by current thinking.

However, life history is also worked upon to understand better how you came to the point where our work started. I assume that every person is different from others and has different strengths and abilities.

On top of scientifically researched psychotherapy methods, which are proven to help with specific problems, everyone has their way of pursuing their happiness and using their – often unconscious – resources. I want to support you in building courage, to strengthen confidence in the abilities of your senses, body, emotions, and thoughts. A human therapeutic contact on par with my patients or clients is essential to me.

The focus is improving how you deal with yourself and your fellow human beings. It is important to me to offer an inner space in therapy in which you will be held safely and allow yourself to be what you are.

Psychology Halensee is a private practice. But what exactly does it mean?

As a “private doctor”, I don’t see myself as a doctor who works exclusively for a small, exclusive group of private patients. I am there for everyone who is looking for my help without restriction!

Why have I waived a contract with the statutory health insurance?
Unfortunately, medicine, to which the statutory health insurance funds contract doctors, is bound by the principles of “economic, sufficient, necessary and appropriate care”. As a doctor, however, I would like to offer you adequate and appropriate care and excellent therapy that is individually tailored to your needs!

Statutory health insurance does not pay attention to a detailed discussion with patients or individual advice. Statutory health insurance aims to provide primary care that can rarely provide a sufficient framework for challenging disease courses. That does not correspond to my view of modern medicine, in which the patient as an individual is at the centre. I take time for you; I listen carefully and look carefully! Many bureaucracies and high administrative costs are eliminated without being tied to statutory health insurance. I can take this time to treat my patients! Besides, the waiting times for an appointment are generally shorter for you.

A statutory health insurance doctor receives a budget from the health insurance he must adhere to. As a private doctor, I work independently without paying attention to the statutory health insurance companies’ quota restrictions or requirements. In the treatment, your individual needs are specially considered, and we will discuss the goal of the treatment and the way to get there. So, I am only indebted to you and the state of medical science.

That’s why I left the till system, and I’m a private doctor.

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