+++ Fühlen Sie sich gefangen zwischen der Angst, die Praxis zu besuchen, und der Abneigung gegen eine weitere Stunde in einer Videositzung? Dann machen Sie mit Señor A. und mir einen therapeutischen Spaziergang, bei dem wir uns wieder mit unserer inneren Welt verbinden. +++ Do you feel caught between the fear of coming to the practice and the reluctance to spend another hour in a video session? Then come on a therapeutic walk with Señor A. and me, during which we reconnect to our inner world. +++

“Coaching” is a term used in sports, where the coach guides athletes strategically, tactically, technically and conditionally. Managers, competitive athletes or artists, but also young professionals are now using structured coaching consultations. In contrast to classic counselling, the coach will not provide any direct solutions, but assist this clients do develop their own solutions and to manage their problems. In order to achieve this he will open up new perspectives for his client or help him to develop new skills.


  • Bouncing back under changed conditions after the pandemic
  • Accelerating virtual collaboration of the future
  • Leadership & remote work
    • responsible manager’s perspective
    • employees’ perspective


  • Leadership in the increasingly complex world
  • Performance / Employability
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership


  • Personal growth
  • Stress
  • Resilience
  • Biographical work
  • Mindfulness


  • Mental health at work
  • On-site psychosomatic health counselling (PSIB)
  • Active individual health management
  • Health-related behaviour
  • Addiction
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