+++ Fühlen Sie sich gefangen zwischen der Angst, die Praxis zu besuchen, und der Abneigung gegen eine weitere Stunde in einer Videositzung? Dann machen Sie mit Señor A. und mir einen therapeutischen Spaziergang, bei dem wir uns wieder mit unserer inneren Welt verbinden. +++ Do you feel caught between the fear of coming to the practice and the reluctance to spend another hour in a video session? Then come on a therapeutic walk with Señor A. and me, during which we reconnect to our inner world. +++

Everyone pursues happiness and contentment in their own way. Counselling assists you to trust in the abilities of your own senses, body, emotions and thoughts, and to solve and overcome conflicts in everyday life.


  • Decision making
  • Self-confidence
  • Problemsolving
  • Marriage and relationship
  • family
  • Coping with specific health related problems
  • Training
  • Job
  • Mobbing
  • Health related behaviour
  • Exercise and nutrition
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