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Religion and childhood trauma 07 Healing and growth 2/2

Paths to emotional recovery and self-compassionPaths to emotional recovery and self-compassion4. Development of new coping strategiesEmotional liberation through creative expressionWriting therapyArtistic activityCognitive reorientationClarification of values5. Integration and spiritual growthSelf-development and individuation6 Long-term self-helpChallenges and limits of self-help approaches6. Development of a support network7. More specialised exercises for those affected by religious childhood trauma8. A self-care

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66450493762f2220671669 - Biography work: overcoming childhood trauma and growing

Biography work: overcoming childhood trauma and growing

Biography work: a way to overcome childhood trauma Biography work helps those affected to overcome childhood trauma and grow personally. Childhood significantly shapes our later development and our self-image. Traumatic experiences in this sensitive phase can leave profound traces that often manifest themselves into adulthood. That is where biography work comes in: By consciously examining

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66450493762f2220671669 - Manager burnout - expert tips and strategies

Manager burnout – expert tips and strategies

Burnout among managers: customised metacognitive therapy solutions Introduction Burnout among managers causes individual stress and poses an organisational challenge. This article looks at how customised metacognitive therapy solutions can help managers on their road to recovery. The effects of burnout Burnout manifests itself in managers through a variety of psychological and physical symptoms. These include

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66450493762f2220671669 - Mind Change Coaching

Mind Change Coaching

Mind change coaching: access to your strengthsMind change coaching: access to your strengthsThe role of the mind change coachDevelopment of personal strengths and skillsSupport on the path to inner strengthCelebrating success and progressFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Mind change coaching offers a unique approach to your strengths and personal growth. Mind change coaching helps you to

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66450493762f2220671669 - Autism in adulthood

Autism in adulthood

Tips and resources for adults with autism symptoms Autism is a complex neurological developmental disorder that has many facets and is experienced individually. Support in this area changes lives and paves the way to a fulfilling life for people with autism. This blog post explores effective and compassionate ways to help with autism symptoms in

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66450493762f2220671669 - Overcoming Linguaphobia

Overcoming Linguaphobia

Embracing Languages Without FearEmbracing Languages Without FearRecognizing LinguaphobiaPractical Strategies to Combat LinguaphobiaLanguage Strengthening ExercisesConclusion In today’s globalized world, the pressure to master multiple languages can lead to a phenomenon known as linguaphobia—a fear of language that stems from various societal pressures and personal anxieties. Understanding and confronting this fear not only enhances our communication skills

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Religion and childhood trauma 07 Healing and growth 1/2

Paths to Emotional Recovery and Self-CompassionPaths to Emotional Recovery and Self-Compassion1. Introduction: religious trauma and self-help1. Cognitive symptoms2. Emotional symptoms3. Social symptoms4. Cultural symptoms2. The understanding of healing and growth in the context of religious traumaExercisesMy religious journeyMap of feelings3. Techniques for emotional healingModule 0 PreparationUnderstanding self-criticism and its effects1. Mental filter2. Black and white

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66450493762f2220671669 - Dependent personality disorder

Dependent personality disorder

Psychotherapy for dependent personality disorder Introduction People who have dependent personality disorder (DPD) struggle with a strong need for security in their relationships, which, on the other hand, they are never entirely sure of. This blog post is about how clarification-orientated psychotherapy helps to overcome dependent personality disorder and what practical strategies exist to strengthen

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66450493762f2220671669 - ADHD: Tips for more focus and balance

ADHD: Tips for more focus and balance

Practical help for ADHD symptoms: strategies for more focus and balance in everyday life Introduction ADHD symptoms often make daily life challenging for sufferers and their families. But which strategies and resources help? Understanding the causes and symptoms of ADHD ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a neurological disorder that develops in

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66450493762f2220671669 - Stress management for companies

Stress management for companies

 Coping with stress in the workplace: tips for companies Introduction Stress in the workplace is a severe problem in today’s fast-paced business world. The negative impact on employee health and productivity should not be underestimated. Organisations must develop and implement effective stress management strategies to create a healthy and productive work environment. In this article,

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