May 22, 2024

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Religion and childhood trauma 07 Healing and growth 1/2

Paths to Emotional Recovery and Self-Compassion 1. Introduction: religious trauma and self-help In the “Religion and Childhood Trauma” series, we have previously explored how deeply religious beliefs and practices affect children’s early development and psychological well-being. So far, it has been about: Faith and fear Guilt and atonement Shame and the sacred Authority and autonomy […]

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66450493762f2220671669 - Dependent personality disorder

Dependent personality disorder

Psychotherapy for dependent personality disorder Introduction People who have dependent personality disorder (DPD) struggle with a strong need for security in their relationships, which, on the other hand, they are never entirely sure of. This blog post is about how clarification-orientated psychotherapy helps to overcome dependent personality disorder and what practical strategies exist to strengthen

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