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Become an active listener and build better relationships through listening

Rediscover the art of listening with LISTEN, THINK, THEN TALK. THE PRACTICAL WORKBOOK FOR BETTER COMMUNICATION. This workbook takes a different approach in a world that often focuses on rhetoric and expressiveness. It turns on its head the notion that communication is mainly about expressing your opinion and persuading others. Instead, we focus on listening as the path to understanding and effective communication.

LISTEN, THINK, THEN TALK teaches you how to become an active listener and how listening can help you build better relationships, have more successful conversations, and develop a more profound understanding of the people and world around you.

This workbook includes several topics:

  • Practical exercises and reflection questions help you sharpen your communication skills and shift your focus from speaking to understanding.
  • Research-based findings and real-world examples highlight the importance of listening in various contexts.
  • Helpful tips and techniques to help you master the art of active listening and improve the quality of your communication.
  • A new take on rhetoric goes beyond the art of persuasion and focuses on mutual understanding, empathy, and collaboration.

Whether you want to strengthen your interpersonal relationships, advance in your career, or become a better communicator, LISTEN, THINK, THEN TALK provides the tools and insights you need to achieve these goals. Start your journey to mastering the art of listening today.

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