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Dependent personality disorder

Psychotherapy for dependent personality disorder Introduction People who have dependent personality disorder (DPD) struggle with a strong need for security in their relationships, which, on the other hand, they are never entirely sure of. This blog post is about how clarification-orientated psychotherapy helps to overcome dependent personality disorder and what practical strategies exist to strengthen […]

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Loneliness – HOW-TO for coping with lonely holidays

Loneliness: Being alone is not loneliness For many people, the Christmas and New Year holidays are a time of celebration with the family. Christmas parties at work, baking biscuits during Advent, giving presents on Christmas Eve, family meals on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and numerous religious celebrations fill hearts with joy. However, when all

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Childhood Trauma: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) – HOW TO

PMR: What is that? Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is used to reduce anxiety. The technique was introduced by the American doctor Edmund Jacobson in the 1930s. This technique alternates tension and relaxation of all the body’s important muscle groups. In this way, PMR gradually achieves a state of relaxation. With increasing practice, more and more

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