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Gambling Addiction – 20 Questions of Gamblers Anonymous

Gambling disorder – are you a compulsive gambler? Most of the time, people keep denying their own dangerous habits. It is more difficult to get professional help if we are not aware of the seriousness of our problem. The following 20 questions from Gamblers Anonymous, an addict support organization, are designed to help you determine […]

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Obsessed by eating right – Orthorexia nervosa

Obsessed by eating right – Orthorexia nervosa Obsessed by eating right – Orthorexia nervosa Orthorexia nervosa – definition = the compulsive fixation on the exclusive consumption of foods that are subjectively assessed as healthy, while at the same time avoiding “unhealthy” foods. The consequences can be distress, malnutrition, underweight and mental instability. Orthorexia nervosa is

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Smartphone Addiction – Definition

Smartphone Addiction Definition Smartphone addiction – definition   = a pathological fear of not having access to a mobile phone (A particular form of it, the “Over-connection syndrome” occurs, when mobile phone use reduces the amount of social and family interactions while favouring virtual connectivity.) Smartphone addiction – importance In How To Break Up With

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Childhood Trauma, Kindheitstrauma, Four F, Vier F, cPTSD

Anxiety Affects – Understanding Childhood Fears and Anxieties

Anxiety Affects Understanding Childhood Fears and Anxieties Anxiety Affects -Understanding Childhood Fears and Anxieties If the child’s developmental needs are not met or refused by the parents or another caregiver in a way, that is appropriate for the child’s self and in a realistic framework, so-called pathogenic conflicts arise between conflicting impulses, which in the

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Affect – Definition

Affect definition Affect – definition = general term for feelings and emotions. It describes an intense, relatively short-lasting feeling, in contrast to the long-lasting “mood”. In the broadest sense, it can mean any emotional impulse (emotions). Affect – structure Affects include a) an expressive component with facial expressions and vocalisations b) a physiological component of

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Neurosis Difference Board

Neurosis – Definition

Neurosis definition-[/whohit | Neurosis – definition Neuroses are a group of psychogenic diseases with either (a) Psychological symptoms or (b) Somatic disorders or (c) Impairment of certain areas of personality. Neurosis: psychological symptoms Fears Constraints Depression Histrionic behaviours Neurosis: somatic disorders Psychosomatic disorders Neurosis: impairment of personality areas Inhibitions Self-uncertainty Emotional lability Sigmund Freud defined

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The Unconscious – Definition

Unconscious definition The unconscious – definition The unconscious includes all Actions Attitudes emotional / cognitive evaluation patterns, whose controlling motives are not deliberately accessible. It is controlled by the so-called primary process and the pleasure-unpleasure principle. The unconscious is a central concept in psychoanalysis. It describes processes that decisively influence the way people think and

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Alexithymia Blinde Elefant

Alexithymia – Definition

Alexithymia Alexithymia = Emotional blindness; inability to adequately perceive your own feelings and describe them in words Synonyms: infantile personality, pensée operatoire, emotional coldness, less often emotional dyslexia Causes: lacking symbolisation ability due to inadequate early mother-child relationship with the consequence of either insufficient differentiation of sensitivity to feelings (affects), or intrapsychic defense after previously

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Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud

Psychoanalysis: principles and how it works

Psychoanalysis: principles and functionality- [/ whohit] Psychoanalysis (standard procedure) “Psychoanalysis is a psychological theory, cultural theory, psychotherapeutic treatment and self-experience method that was founded by the Viennese neurologist Sigmund Freud around 1890. The various schools of deep psychology later developed from psychoanalysis.” (Wikipedia) Psychoanalysis: principles Psychoanalysis works “psychodynamically and encourages regression”. I.e. The core of

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