+++ Fühlen Sie sich gefangen zwischen der Angst, die Praxis zu besuchen, und der Abneigung gegen eine weitere Stunde in einer Videositzung? Dann machen Sie mit Señor A. und mir einen therapeutischen Spaziergang, bei dem wir uns wieder mit unserer inneren Welt verbinden. +++ Do you feel caught between the fear of coming to the practice and the reluctance to spend another hour in a video session? Then come on a therapeutic walk with Señor A. and me, during which we reconnect to our inner world. +++
Life Satisfaction Laughing Buddha

Gambling addiction – life satisfaction

Different areas of life are listed in the worksheet “Life satisfaction”. Please rate your own satisfaction with each area using the attached scale. Take a moment to think about your satisfaction before giving points. Now that you have marked how satisfied you are with the different areas of life, go through them again and consider the extent to which your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction is related to gambling. If this is the case, please enter “Y” in the corresponding column, otherwise “N” or leave the cell blank. Finally, mark in the rightmost column what you want to change in this area of ​​life. «

Source: Premper, Volker. Pathologisches Glücksspielen (German Edition) (S.100). Beltz. Kindle-Version.

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