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Gambling addiction – gambling career

After you have clarified the positive aspects of gambling and a life free from addiction, you can use the overview over your gambling behavior in time, to clarify the course of your gambling career. The chronological sequence of the type and extent of the games of chance, the highs and lows experienced during gambling, and the connections to life events are often unclear. There are usually only vague ideas about the amounts of time used and the profits and losses accumulated. However, gaining clarity about these aspects is important in order to understand what role gambling has played in your life. The overview “Gambling Progress” makes it easier to analyse the steps that led into problematic gambling behavior and to make them clearly visible. The diagrams in the worksheet show your age on the horizontal axis in 2-year increments. On the vertical axis of each diagram there is either a scale for your attitude towards life, for your daily gambling time and finally for the amount of money used each day in the three diagrams. Please enter the relevant information in the corresponding table. The curves update according to the entries. Take your time with your entries and think about how your gambling behaviour was at the time. Please always provide the information related to the days on which you played actively. Please also rate how positive or negative your general attitude to life, your general mood was in each age. In the last column, please add life events have taken place during each period. Finally, when looking at the curves, consider whether there are any connections between the remembered life events and your gambling behavior. Source: Premper, Volker. Pathologisches Glücksspielen (German Edition) (S.95). Beltz. Kindle-Version.        

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