Gambling addiction

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Gambling addiction – individual history

At the beginning of a therapy, there are many questions, and upon their answers depends the way how to proceed in therapy.

A first hint of problematic gambling behaviour often arises from observations of partners, relatives or work colleagues who realise, that there is an increasing, inexplicably high need for money, a lack of punctuality, or unreliability. Nervousness, irritability and the withdrawal from relationships can also be indicators. (20 Questions of Gamblers Anonymous)

Once the first hurdle has been overcome, and a willingness to check your own gaming behavior has been established, or you have even taken the decision to seek help, it must be clarified whether there is a gambling problem that requires treatment. The extent of gambling must also be recorded.Then, it would be necessary to clarify whether there are other dependencies, whether there are or were dependent family members and many other questions.

This downloadable Excel folder contains all the questions, that need to be clarified at the start of a gambling therapy, in 12 sheets.


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