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Manager burnout – expert tips and strategies

Burnout among managers: customised metacognitive therapy solutions


Burnout among managers causes individual stress and poses an organisational challenge. This article looks at how customised metacognitive therapy solutions can help managers on their road to recovery.

The effects of burnout

Burnout manifests itself in managers through a variety of psychological and physical symptoms. These include emotional exhaustion, reduced motivation, physical complaints such as headaches and back pain, as well as sleep disorders. These symptoms can significantly impair performance and have long-term health consequences.

Specific challenges for managers

Managers are pressured to fulfil high expectations, solve complex problems and lead teams. These demands increase the risk of burnout, emphasising the need for individual therapy solutions.

The metacognitive therapy approach

Metacognitive therapy focuses on thinking about thinking. This approach helps managers to recognise and change ineffective ways of thinking, enabling them to cope better with stress. Instead, the aim is to spend less time ruminating and develop effective coping strategies.

Why customised solutions are crucial

Standardised therapy approaches often fall short because they are not tailored to the specific needs of managers. Customised approaches that consider everyday management life’s unique challenges and stress factors promise more effective and sustainable treatment.

Recommendations for coping with burnout

  • Self-care and mindfulness: strategies for reducing stress and improving emotional regulation.
  • Set boundaries: Draw clear dividing lines between work and private life to avoid overload.
  • Delegation and prioritisation: reduce workload through adequate time and resource management.
  • Physical health: Regular physical activity and a healthy diet promote mental resilience.

The role of professional support

Professional coaching and therapy offer valuable support. They help to improve leadership skills, manage emotional stress and learn new coping strategies.


Applying customised, metacognitive therapy approaches can help managers master the specific challenges of their everyday working life and effectively overcome burnout. We recommend visiting specialised institutions specialising in burnout prevention for further information and professional advice.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do customised therapy solutions differ from standardised approaches? Customised approaches are specifically tailored to the needs of those affected, while standardised methods offer more general treatment paths.
  • How long does it take until improvements are noticeable? The time to improvement can vary, but progress is often recognisable after a few weeks of therapy.
  • Are customised solutions more expensive than standardised treatments? Although personalised approaches can be more costly initially, the long-term benefits and effectiveness are worth the expense.

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