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Dealing with fears or loss of control

Bilateral stimulation with “butterfly embrace” and “reorientation in the present” against overwhelming anxiety Anxiety: butterfly hug (BLS) Despite your fear, try it: sit back comfortably, close your eyes and imagine a situation in which you feel completely comfortable and content. That can be an everyday or holiday situation, or even a fantasy situation. Feel this …

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Toxic relationships

Toxic relationships – definition A toxic relationship is a relationship characterised by behaviours on the part of a toxic partner damaging to their partner, either emotionally, physically or both. While a healthy relationship contributes to our self-esteem and emotional energy, a toxic relationship damages self-esteem and drains energy. Even a good relationship may have its …

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Emotional triggers

Understand your emotional triggers – and how to deal with them The world can be great and beautiful, but it can also be evil and scary. Some have to endure hardships or deal with traumatic experiences. Such past experiences can affect the way we respond to events in the present. Then emotional triggers can cause …

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Brain Fog

Do you know Brain Fog?

Do you know moments like that: you are exhausted, sluggish, forgetful, unfocused, and even somehow confused? Then you may have experienced brain fog. Brain Fog is very real and widespread. It is associated with described feelings and can last for a few minutes or even years. While not a disease in and of itself, it …

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Non-specific environmental syndrome – definition

Nonspecific environmental syndrome definition Non-specific environmental syndrome – definition Somatization syndromes in environmental medicine include The Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance IEI = acquired disorders with numerous and recurring complaints in connection with diverse environmental influences that are well tolerated by the majority of the population. The complaints cannot be explained by a known medical or psychiatric …

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Smartphone Addiction – Definition

Smartphone Addiction Definition Smartphone addiction – definition   = a pathological fear of not having access to a mobile phone (A particular form of it, the “Over-connection syndrome” occurs, when mobile phone use reduces the amount of social and family interactions while favouring virtual connectivity.) Smartphone addiction – importance In How To Break Up With …

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Anxiety Affects – Understanding Childhood Fears and Anxieties

Anxiety Affects Understanding Childhood Fears and Anxieties Anxiety Affects -Understanding Childhood Fears and Anxieties If the child’s developmental needs are not met or refused by the parents or another caregiver in a way, that is appropriate for the child’s self and in a realistic framework, so-called pathogenic conflicts arise between conflicting impulses, which in the …

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Neurosis Difference Board

Neurosis – Definition

Neurosis definition-[/whohit | Neurosis – definition Neuroses are a group of psychogenic diseases with either (a) Psychological symptoms or (b) Somatic disorders or (c) Impairment of certain areas of personality. Neurosis: psychological symptoms Fears Constraints Depression Histrionic behaviours Neurosis: somatic disorders Psychosomatic disorders Neurosis: impairment of personality areas Inhibitions Self-uncertainty Emotional lability Sigmund Freud defined …

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Hypochondriacal Disorder – Definition

[whohit-Hypochondriacal Disorder Definition Hypochondriacal Disorder = persistent excessive fear of suffering from a serious physical illness, although no organic cause can be found for the largely unspecific physical symptoms. (ICD 10 F45.2) Synonym: DSM-5 “Disease Anxiety Disorder” Etymology: The term hypochondria was derived from the assumption that these were disorders of organs “under the ribs” …

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder – Definition

Obsessive compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder   = at least 2 weeks of recurring and persistent ideas, thoughts, impulses and behaviors, that impose themselves against internal resistance are experienced as nonsensical, exaggerated or excruciating by those affected and lead to significant impairment in everyday functions (more than 1 hour / day). (ICD10 F42) Obsessional thoughts are …

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