+++ Fühlen Sie sich gefangen zwischen der Angst, die Praxis zu besuchen, und der Abneigung gegen eine weitere Stunde in einer Videositzung? Dann machen Sie mit Señor A. und mir einen therapeutischen Spaziergang, bei dem wir uns wieder mit unserer inneren Welt verbinden. +++ Do you feel caught between the fear of coming to the practice and the reluctance to spend another hour in a video session? Then come on a therapeutic walk with Señor A. and me, during which we reconnect to our inner world. +++

obsessive-compulsive disorder


Obsessed by eating right – Orthorexia nervosa

Obsessed by eating right – Orthorexia nervosa Orthorexia nervosa – definition = the compulsive fixation on the exclusive consumption of foods that are subjectively assessed as healthy, while at the same time avoiding “unhealthy” foods. The consequences can be distress, malnutrition, underweight and mental instability. Orthorexia nervosa is not listed in the ICD-10 international classification …

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Ketten Zwangsstörung OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder – Definition

Obsessive-compulsive disorder   = at least 2 weeks of recurring and persistent ideas, thoughts, impulses and behaviors, that impose themselves against internal resistance are experienced as nonsensical, exaggerated or excruciating by those affected and lead to significant impairment in everyday functions (more than 1 hour / day). (ICD10 F42) Obsessional thoughts are ideas, images, or …

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The 7 pillars of mindfulness – #1 Non-Judging

The 7 pillars of mindfulness – #1 Non-judging   Judging   Unconsciously, we constantly judge people, things and events as either good, bad or neutral. This labelling process happens unconsciously and uninterruptedly, like subtitles in a movie. It is exactly this  constant inner monologue, that brings about the distractions during formal mindfulness exercises: we notice …

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