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Neurosis – Definition

Neurosis definition-[/whohit | Neurosis – definition Neuroses are a group of psychogenic diseases with either (a) Psychological symptoms or (b) Somatic disorders or (c) Impairment of certain areas of personality. Neurosis: psychological symptoms Fears Constraints Depression Histrionic behaviours Neurosis: somatic disorders Psychosomatic disorders Neurosis: impairment of personality areas Inhibitions Self-uncertainty Emotional lability Sigmund Freud defined […]

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Alexithymia Blinde Elefant

Alexithymia – Definition

Alexithymia Alexithymia = Emotional blindness; inability to adequately perceive your own feelings and describe them in words Synonyms: infantile personality, pensée operatoire, emotional coldness, less often emotional dyslexia Causes: lacking symbolisation ability due to inadequate early mother-child relationship with the consequence of either insufficient differentiation of sensitivity to feelings (affects), or intrapsychic defense after previously

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Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud

Psychoanalysis: principles and how it works

Psychoanalysis: principles and functionality- [/ whohit] Psychoanalysis (standard procedure) “Psychoanalysis is a psychological theory, cultural theory, psychotherapeutic treatment and self-experience method that was founded by the Viennese neurologist Sigmund Freud around 1890. The various schools of deep psychology later developed from psychoanalysis.” (Wikipedia) Psychoanalysis: principles Psychoanalysis works “psychodynamically and encourages regression”. I.e. The core of

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Autistic Fantasy

Autistic Fantasy Autistic fantasy The autistic fantasy is a defense mechanism against frightening thoughts, desires, impulses or emotional conflicts through excessive daydreaming as a substitute for interpersonal relationships, more effective action or problem solving. It is one of the defense mechanisms with severe image distortion, in which the image of yourself and others is grossly

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