Brain Fog

Do you know Brain Fog?

Do you know moments like that: you are exhausted, sluggish, forgetful, unfocused, and even somehow confused? Then you may have experienced brain fog. Brain Fog is very real and widespread. It is associated with described feelings and can last for a few minutes or even years. While not a disease in and of itself, it …

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Alexithymia Blinde Elefant

Alexithymia – Definition

Alexithymia Alexithymia = Emotional blindness; inability to adequately perceive your own feelings and describe them in words Synonyms: infantile personality, pensée operatoire, emotional coldness, less often emotional dyslexia Causes: lacking symbolisation ability due to inadequate early mother-child relationship with the consequence of either insufficient differentiation of sensitivity to feelings (affects), or intrapsychic defense after previously …

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