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The Spoon Theory

The Spoon Theory: An understanding of energy management in chronic diseases The Spoon Theory, developed by Christine Miserandino, creatively describes the daily challenges faced by people with chronic illnesses and limited energy. Using the example of ‘spoons’ as strength units, she shows how those affected must consciously plan their activities to avoid overexertion. This simple […]

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Toxic shame in replacement children: Therapeutic approaches

Invisible scars and pain Invisible emotional wounds can go deeper than physical injuries. That is particularly true of the surrogate child syndrome and toxic shame. Both have far-reaching effects on individual well-being. They require sensitive and professional support to enable sustainable healing and personal growth. Causes and effects Toxic shame in replacement child syndrome results

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66450493762f2220671669 - Procrastination and childhood trauma

Procrastination and childhood trauma

Procrastination and trauma: understanding the causes and strategies for overcoming them Procrastination is a common problem affecting many people and often leads to considerable distress and helplessness. While it is usually attributed to laziness or lack of motivation, procrastination can have deeper roots, especially in people who have experienced trauma. The key message here is

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Ein gelbes Smiley-Gesicht auf einem lebendigen, abstrakten Hintergrund aus Blau- und Orangetönen. Der Smiley wirkt glücklich und fröhlich, während der Hintergrund eine Mischung aus dynamischen und chaotischen Farben zeigt, was einen Kontrast zwischen oberflächlicher Positivität und komplexen Emotionen darstellt.

Toxic positivity

When too much optimism does harm Introduction Toxic positivity describes an attitude that only allows positive feelings and thoughts but ignores or devalues negative emotions. While healthy positivity, i.e. optimism, maintains a positive view of situations and accepts negative experiences as part of life, toxic positivity leads to emotional stress and psychological problems. This form

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66450493762f2220671669 - The Science of Emotions

The Science of Emotions

Emotions: How They Affect Our Behaviour Introduction Emotions are a fundamental human experience, influencing our thoughts, actions, and interactions. Understanding the science behind emotions can provide valuable insights into why we feel the way we do and how these feelings shape our behaviour. This post explores emotions’ neurobiological, psychological, and social aspects and their profound impact

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How to come out of childhood trauma

Seven keys to overcoming childhood trauma Childhood trauma has long-term effects on mental health and influences emotional well-being in adulthood. Overcoming childhood trauma requires self-compassion, personal care for wounded parts of yourself and reining in your inner critic. This blog post is about exploring seven keys to overcoming childhood trauma to help you regain your

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66450493762f2220671669 - Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders: Causes, symptoms and treatment options Introduction Sleep disorders are an increasingly widespread problem in our society. Many people struggle with sleep problems that harm their health and quality of life. A new phenomenon resulting from the spread of social media is the so-called “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination”. This blog post is about the different

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66450493762f2220671669 - Psychosomatic pain

Psychosomatic pain

Understanding and coping with psychosomatic pain Psychosomatic pain affects the lives of many people around the world. This pain, which has no organic cause, is the result of unresolved emotional conflicts and stress. This article concerns psychosomatic pain – from the causes and symptoms to treatment options and self-management techniques. Let’s take a look at

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Religion and childhood trauma 08: Conclusion

Religion and childhood trauma: questions and answers Introduction In the “Religion and Childhood Trauma” series, we have previously investigated how deeply religious beliefs and practices affect children’s early development and psychological well-being. It was about: Faith and fear Guilt and atonement Shame and the sacred Authority and autonomy Inclusion and exclusion Doubt and faith Healing

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