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Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders: Causes, symptoms and treatment options Introduction Sleep disorders are an increasingly widespread problem in our society. Many people struggle with sleep problems that harm their health and quality of life. A new phenomenon resulting from the spread of social media is the so-called “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination”. This blog post is about the different […]

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The Science of Emotions

How emotions affect our behaviour Introduction Emotions are a fundamental human experience, influencing our thoughts, actions, and interactions. Understanding the science behind emotions can provide valuable insights into why we feel the way we do and how these feelings shape our behaviour. This post explores emotions’ neurobiological, psychological, and social aspects and their profound impact

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Stress management for companies

 Coping with stress in the workplace: tips for companies Introduction Stress in the workplace is a severe problem in today’s fast-paced business world. The negative impact on employee health and productivity should not be underestimated. Organisations must develop and implement effective stress management strategies to create a healthy and productive work environment. In this article,

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Replacement child syndrome and toxic shame

Trauma therapy for replacement child syndrome: ways to heal toxic shame and strengthen self-esteem Introduction Did you know that trauma therapy for replacement child syndrome and toxic shame is a crucial step towards psychological healing? This blog post is about the importance and effectiveness of trauma therapy in overcoming deep-rooted toxic shame and the effects

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Overcoming self-loathing: Ways to more self-worth and inner peace

Self-Loathing: Understanding and Overcoming Inner Struggles Self-loathing, or self-hatred, is a pervasive and destructive emotion characterized by an intense dislike of oneself. It can manifest as a constant feeling of worthlessness, self-criticism, and an inability to accept oneself. This emotional state can lead to various mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and a diminished sense

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Tormenting childhood memories

Personal growth, despite tormenting childhood memories Tormenting childhood memories that keep coming to the surface disturb our inner balance. Overcoming them is a challenging and exhausting process, but effective strategies and therapeutic approaches can help you find inner peace and well-being. Grounding and breathing exercises: The key to processing traumatic memories Grounding techniques and targeted

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Shame: A journey through history, light and shadow

Scham – eine Einführung Einleitung Scham ist ein Gefühl, das so alt ist wie die Menschheit selbst und dessen Verständnis sich im Laufe der Zeit erheblich gewandelt hat. Von den antiken Gesellschaften, die Scham eng mit Ehre verknüpften, bis hin zur modernen Psychologie, die sie als selbstbezogene Emotion untersucht, bietet dieser Begriff einen faszinierenden Einblick

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The faces of shame

Die Vielschichtigkeit der Scham: Einblicke und Fragen zur Bewältigung   Scham wird in verschiedenen Weisen definiert. Léon Wurmser stellt in Die Masken der Scham – Die Psychoanalyse von Schamaffekten und Schamkonflikten fest, dass Scham ein uraltes Gefühl ist und eine wichtige Abwehr gegenüber anderen Gefühlen darstellt. Scham wird oft mit Schwäche, Makeln und Schande assoziiert.

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Maladaptive Daydreaming: Understanding, Treating and Overcoming – A Comprehensive Guide

All about maladaptive daydreaming (MD): causes, therapies and self-help strategies Maladaptive daydreaming (MD) is an intense form of immersion in dream content accompanied by an exuberant imagination and the tendency to regularly escape from the present into inner images and imaginary worlds over long periods. This tendency is the fundamental characteristic of maladaptive daydreaming. It

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Self-doubt and toxic shame

From overthinking to self-acceptance: how to overcome self-doubt and toxic shame 1. Self-doubt and trauma identity Self-doubt … questions your own abilities, decisions, or self-worth. Instead of a reflection and examination, doubts are negative thoughts or inner criticism that do not deepen knowledge about oneself, but rather impair confidence in one’s own competence and self-image.

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