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Addiction Motivation Check Worksheet

The worksheet contains an Excel folder for Mac, to compare the advantages of addiction behaviour and freedom from addiction respectively. It is designed for daily revision during the struggle against addictive behaviour, but can be used for any behaviour change. (Then you simply replace the “addictive behaviour” with the undesirable behaviour and “addiction free” with the target behaviour.) If the score for addiction free behaviour exceeds the score for addictive behaviour, the motivation for successfully giving up an undesirable behaviour is sufficiently strong. If not, the time to get out has not yet come. Then it is best to take the table for 10 to 15 minutes a day, check and add to the arguments, or rearrange them.

Feel better for a short time.34Have fun again.
Relief.55Stay healthy.
Forget problems.86Less suspicious of others.
Vent, let out anger and disappointment.25Better relationship.
Hang on to my dreams.78To be there for the children.
Escape from problems.43Feel fitter.
62Save money and avoid debt.
36I would not always have to rap my own fingers.
73I am happier with myself.
22I can think more clearly.
48I can go to work unencumbered.
5I can pay my bills and daily expenses.
Don’t be comfortable and listless.
Don’t lose control.
Don’t lie to the family anymore.
More time for hobbies and nature.
No withdrawal.
Smug because I have overcome a self-destructive urge.
I should have no regrets (slamming doors, being aggressive).
Don’t provoke an argument to justify my departure.
Talk to others more easily and without a guilty conscience.
Better sleep.
Don’t be afraid that others will notice.
Planning the future better.
Better relationship – better sex.
Less jealous.
More time for my family and myself.

Honesty is important for a meaningful assessment. Even a disadvantageous behaviour could not have become habit or addiction without offering at least some benefits. Freedom from addiction means giving up something we are used to. That is why everyone who wants to change a certain behaviour, will have to make clear which advantages of this change are important for them. This meaning might also be changing over time.


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