Gambling addiction Money Debts

Gambling addiction – dealing with money

Gambling addiction – dealing with money Money gives gambling its fascination. Games without money offer little excitement. At the same time, money is associated with dreams of wealth and power and a carefree life. Getting the basics of everyday life like food, clothing and housing requires money. Since, on the one hand, hardly anything works …

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Gambling addicition Clover

Gambling addiction – gambling thoughts

Gambling addiction – gambling thoughts Incorrect assumptions about the probability of winning and the ability to influence games of chance favour gambling behaviour. However, the importance of such false assumptions for the development and maintenance of gambling addiction should not be overestimated. Most gamblers know that they ultimately cannot win. If the desire to gamble …

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Gambling addiction Poker

Gambling addiction – definition

Gambling addiction – definition   = repeated and persistent gambling, although negative financial, social or psychological consequences are emerging or already exist. Thoughts constantly revolve around gambling. Control over the start, end and extent of gambling is limited. Compulsive gamblers often play repeatedly in persistent phases, so that gambling ultimately dominates the lifestyle of the …

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Life Satisfaction Laughing Buddha

Gambling addiction – life satisfaction

Gambling addiction – life satisfaction Different areas of life are listed in the worksheet “Life satisfaction”. Please rate your own satisfaction with each area using the attached scale. Take a moment to think about your satisfaction before giving points. Now that you have marked how satisfied you are with the different areas of life, go …

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Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction – individual history

Gambling addiction – individual history At the beginning of a therapy, there are many questions, and upon their answers depends the way how to proceed in therapy. A first hint of problematic gambling behaviour often arises from observations of partners, relatives or work colleagues who realise, that there is an increasing, inexplicably high need for …

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Winning Casino Woman  Gambling Disorder

Gambling Addiction – 20 Questions of Gamblers Anonymous

Gambling addiction – are you a compulsive gambler? Most of the time, people keep denying their own dangerous habits. It is more difficult to get professional help if we are not aware of the seriousness of our problem. The following 20 questions from Gamblers Anonymous, an addict support organization, are designed to help you determine …

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Motivation Can Do Blackboard

Addiction – withdrawal motivation check

Addiction – withdrawal motivation check The worksheet contains an Excel folder for Mac, to compare the advantages of addiction behaviour and freedom from addiction respectively. It is designed for daily revision during the struggle against addictive behaviour, but can be used for any behaviour change. (Then you simply replace the “addictive behaviour” with the undesirable …

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